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diff --git a/doc/OVERVIEW b/doc/OVERVIEW @@ -0,0 +1,78 @@ + Python-like Interpreted Language Proposal + by Paul Longtine ( + + +INTRODUCTION + + During my time in Computer Programming and Web Development I learned to use +Python and along with that, I learned a lot about software development and +programming concepts. Python built a bridge between ideas and reality when +learning programming concepts because of the ease of prototyping ideas and +architectures. Going from python to a language where implementing ideas takes +much more time and effort is a big wall in my growth as a programmer. The main +issue with this wall is that most ideas I came up with needed much more thought +if the idea was even worth the effort. Why not take the knowledge I learned in +and re-create my own version of a Python-like interpreted language? And, because +of that thought I wrote this paragraph explaining my reasoning. + +GOALS + + The goal of this project will be to not make the best, fastest, most awesome +interpreted language that has ever graced planet Earth, but to provide a great +project to learn more about taking a decently complex design, and bring it into +reality using tools and languages I have yet to initiate a complex project with. +To be more detailed, I plan to implement this project using the programming +language C, using a fluent and comprehensive use of a canonical Git workflow and +implementing Continuous Integration keep track of stable branches. + +IMPLEMENTATION + + This project will have several components that will work together to provide +the working product. These components are as follows: + + * Interpreter + - The interpreter will parse and convert code into bytecode to be executed + by the VM runtime + + * Virtual Machine Runtime + - This will be a stack-based VM providing the runtime for working code + + * Standard Library + - Provide a library of tools to make the language somewhat usable + +SPECIFICATION + + Put in fancy words, this will be an imperative type-sensitive language that +will provide the basic functions of programming languages. + + Look into the SPECIFICATION file for more detail. + +PLAN + + When do I expect this to be done? What parts will be done when? + + I plan on 'finishing' this project at the end of the year (by May 2016) + + +-----------------+-----------------------------------+------+ + |SHOP WEEK | DESCRIPTION | Done | + +-----------------+-----------------------------------+------+ + |1st week: | Finish this document. |(*) | + +-----------------+-----------------------------------+------+ + |2nd week: | Finish SPECIFICATION document |( ) | + +-----------------+-----------------------------------+------+ + |3rd-6th week: | Finish VM/rudimentary interpreter |( ) | + +-----------------+-----------------------------------+------+ + |7th-13th week: | Finish interpreter |( ) | + +-----------------+-----------------------------------+------+ + |13th-17th week: | Start work on stdlib/other libs |( ) | + +-----------------+-----------------------------------+------+ + +CONCLUSION + + In conclusion, this project will be for self-growth and strictly selifsh +reasoning only. Any delusions of this ever being useful will be expunged with +out hesitation. + + Comedy aside this project will try to be a functioning programming language +with what anyone would expect out of a language. + diff --git a/doc/SPECIFICATION b/doc/SPECIFICATION