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2016-01-22 13:07Fixed weird stuff with admin module, poked at the blog module, update…Paul Longtine8+85-40
2016-01-21 21:49added stagit stuffPaul Longtine4+66-4
2015-08-16 01:27Update README.mdPaul Longtine1+1-1
2015-06-27 19:50Made the admin module a tad more prettyPaul Longtine9+204-207
2015-06-27 18:46Moved to OptParse for args, moves 'site' dir instead of obliterating …Paul Longtine7+40-61
2014-10-20 09:04Instead of shotty scripts use make insteadPaul Longtine3+5-7
2014-09-02 21:16added apache2 authPaul Longtine2+33-24
2014-09-01 21:27mergedPaul Longtine21+739-689
2014-08-31 23:33Polished adminPaul Longtine1+5-4
2014-08-31 17:18more adminPaul Longtine4+108-37
2014-08-31 01:01added support for an admin pagePaul Longtine4+174-204
2014-08-30 18:54tabify.Paul Longtine5+496-296
2014-08-28 20:30did the thing to make it workPaul Longtine2+12-15
2014-08-27 22:42re-aranged for prettyPaul Longtine2+38-32
2014-08-27 17:26Added some logPaul Longtine1+4-2
2014-08-27 16:33Fixed bugPaul Longtine1+4-4
2014-08-19 01:28Merge branch 'master' of Longtine0+0-0
2014-08-19 01:23added a few pinches of regex to core.runInlineScript()Paul Longtine1+62-63
2014-08-17 01:30refactored againPaul Longtine6+221-209
2014-08-16 21:01Refactored, added -d and --help optionsPaul Longtine3+141-110
2014-08-15 16:04added --init optionPaul Longtine4+53-32
2014-08-14 12:46Merge branch 'master' of Longtine2+4-4
2014-08-14 12:45Changed the requirements of the bare minimum configPaul Longtine2+41-21
2014-08-13 15:10added functions.pyPaul Longtine4+51-25
2014-07-15 20:47exactly why I hate readme'sPaul Longtine1+8-8
2014-07-15 20:45damn kidsPaul Longtine1+5-5
2014-07-15 20:44readme.Paul Longtine1+33-0
2014-07-15 17:43Added the ability to change destination directory for compiled site, …Paul Longtine3+36-10
2014-06-17 14:16started working on docsPaul Longtine11+34-89
2014-06-13 16:21Using YAML instead of JSON for configuring pagesPaul Longtine4+41-36
2014-06-13 15:25fixed scripts, did not support multiple scripts on the same page.Paul Longtine1+17-14
2014-06-13 13:45very, _very_ small bugfix. Couldn't use files in data/static/paul1+4-1
2014-06-13 13:01added dynamic import of modules and fixed an issuePaul Longtine2+12-3
2014-06-13 11:40Reworked things, finished pagePaul Longtine24+417-388
2014-06-12 14:37AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPaul Longtine2+15-14
2014-06-12 07:06page working, working on 'location'Paul Longtine7+46-23
2014-06-11 14:29Working on page, she's a needy gal.Paul Longtine1+27-3
2014-06-10 13:59Removed archive in blog, added example archive scriptPaul Longtine6+53-57
2014-05-23 16:03removed admin/ for being fatPaul Longtine5+0-1943
2014-05-23 11:55added containing div for archivePaul Longtine1+2-2
2014-05-23 10:39More error, timestamp and added inline scripts in includesPaul Longtine17+2122-2110
2014-05-22 21:26added 'description' optionPaul Longtine3+23-16
2014-05-22 20:22Fixed bug when there was no config assosiated with pagevar datePaul Longtine1+13-5
2014-05-22 17:14removed a few things that do nothingPaul Longtine2+0-39
2014-05-22 17:10Archive is working, added /adminPaul Longtine13+2029-24
2014-05-22 14:16started archive page and ajusted a few thingsPaul Longtine3+14-1
2014-05-22 13:25ajusted some thingsPaul Longtine2+9-2
2014-05-22 12:51addex inline scriptsPaul Longtine4+50-2
2014-05-22 10:30dates are now working properlyPaul Longtine7+53-16
2014-05-21 20:18More error.Paul Longtine1+8-2
2014-05-21 20:11changed print statements to be only in the main programPaul Longtine2+3-5
2014-05-21 13:59Fixed some things, building the site is now working.Paul Longtine5+43-17
2014-05-21 12:47Added includes, and buildSite()Paul Longtine7+59-21
2014-05-20 20:16Fixed things.Paul Longtine1+14-10
2014-05-20 14:30changed mod:blog to have title:CPWD2+11-4
2014-05-20 13:55Add all the thingsCPWD10+151-0